How to Make Money on YouTube: 7 Effective Strategies

If you have a successful youtube channel with thousands of active members who watch your videos regularly, then you can earn through many ways without annoying your audience. In this post, we are going to share 7 effective strategies to make money on YouTube. All these ways are personally tested by us and thousands of other YouTubers and it’s 100% legit to try this alternative along with your regular monetization.

It doesn’t affect any violation or risk you account for any inconvenience, you can freely go with any of the below-mentioned strategies to increase your income by choosing a suitable method. This post is all about sharing ways, we don’t have any actual figure about the comparison of all these strategies because all of them are different and have their type of audience.

It’s up to you what you chose, or what kind of niche your channel is about, if it fits as per your audience then you’re welcome to go after multiple money-making ways for better results. Let’s not waste more minutes here and start moving to the list of strategies.

Google AdSense

One of the most common methods you can go with is Google Adsense, you have to sign in as a youtube partner and if you’re eligible according to their requirements then you can start earning revenue from your videos by showing ads to your viewers.

It’s getting hard day-by-day to get monetized on YouTube because they have updated their policies and now you have to fulfill the watch time limits, get 1k subscribers, and a few more basic things to apply for the monetization request.

Sell Products & Merchandise

If you’re already a brand and have thousands of subscribers, who genuinely follow your tracks and you think they’ll buy your suggested products then you can try creating your merchandise.

Through this, you can sell mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and many more essentials under your name or logo. If they’re your real fans they’ll surely make a purchase and you’ll get the whole amount of that sale into your packet.

As an Influencer

You might already know who an influencer is, if not, let us clear the doubt for you. An influencer is someone who has a reputation among its following, people love their style, products, or try to adopt as he/she says. Consider it as an idol to the public whom they follow blindly.

An influencer can promote any kind of product, whether it’s digital or physical, related to any category just by mentioning that he/she personally uses it in routine life.

Example: Recommend the public to buy Deodorants.

Affiliate Marketing

With this you can earn a wealthy amount of income if you have a targeted audience, this way of earning is easy and you don’t have to do anything on your own. The affiliate sites themselves help you to engage with more audiences and assist you to earn profit. Let’s take an example of Amazon Affiliate here, you can go with any affiliate network, this is just an example.

If you have a gaming channel where you stream every day or upload tricks, gameplay videos then you have a couple of things you can refer to the public.

In the description you can mention which camera you’re using to shoot the videos, what microphone do you have, and your desktop’s auto parts. Gather all the links from Amazon with your affiliate unique ID and feature them in your description.

If any of your followers clicks on those links and makes a purchase, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.

Crowd Funds & Super chats

Here you can ask the public to pay you for the services, it’s like a donation or paid performance scheme. Where the public pays the content creator to do according to their demands or keep posting videos with their financial support.

Let’s talk with an example here, if you’re a streamer and play online games then you have more chances of getting paid rather than any other genre of content. Here, in the stream people would love to get a shoutout from the creator in exchange for some fees or donate as per their wish. But the thing is, you won’t get the full amount directly to your bank, the youtube cuts around 30% of the whole amount as commission then pay you the rest of 70% to your wallet.

Promotional Products

More of sponsored deals, you’ll get a bunch of third-party advertisers who will pay you a great amount if you recommend their product or service in your videos. It could be a great way to get paid without putting any extra effort, you can add the link of those promotional deals into your description and add a summary about the Pros into your video and let the traffic decide whether they want it or not.

Here you don’t have to achieve any target or earn through commission, you’ll get paid even before the video gets on the internet. They’ll transfer the funds in advance to let you believe in their services and spread the same experience with the audience.

Many big brands decide to make popular creators their brand ambassadors and trust us, this thing is a really big achievement for anyone.

Redirect Traffic

If you don’t have any of the above sources or didn’t fit according to your needs then you can redirect your traffic to any other platform also.

There are many more options out on the internet from where you can get fame, money, and a good reputation without disturbing the experience of your viewers.

Here are some suggested profiles you can try;

Website: Create a website relevant to your youtube channel and ask the viewers to check your website for regular updates, as it’s hard to make videos every day we should be posting the latest updates on the webpage. This thing works and google AdSense works smoothly on the website, which can double your income if the public visits both your channel and website.

Social Handles: Once you cross the thousands of subscribers on youtube, people would love to know what you do professionally, about your lifestyle, and your friends & family. It’s time to ask people to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to stay in touch and know your routine lifestyle.

As soon as you start getting followers on your social profiles you can repeat the above-mentioned earning ways to make money through other social profiles also. You’ll get promotional deals to keep it on your stories, you have affiliate links to earn commission on products, sell your merch material to your audience, and much more.


This was all about how to make money on YouTube, if you like our post and feel educated than before, make a share to support us for writing more amazing articles about online money-making ways. Until then, keep trying your best and make your brand.


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