How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free?

New on YouTube and want to engage with more audience but don’t know how to make your content viral on the platform. Here are some free, and the best ways you could promote your channels to get more traffic.

These steps are listed as the common ways of promoting channels, there are many more options but those are quite hard to get and you need to build a strong community for that to get featured into the list of the top video.

With these steps, you can keep your videos in the eyes of a YouTubers crawler and still score a great amount of traffic if you follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully. Let’s walk through the process and see if it’s worth it or not.

What do you need in your videos?

Before promoting your channel you must have to be worthy of the share, if your videos aren’t good nobody’s going to watch them or share them among their known. You should keep your channel clean and make sure you have everything which is listed below in your videos and channel.

Friendly Topic

Choose a friendly topic that is worth sharing, you should be specific about the category of your video and don’t mash the multiple topics into one channel or playlist. Keep the videos clean and let the viewer know about your genre of content. Let’s take the example of Cars here. You should know what age groups love this topic and what type of videos can grow into this topic.

YouTube SEO

You must have to optimize your channel with all available clues, don’t forget to add custom thumbnails, a good title, a well-explained description, and a couple of hashtags to engage with relevant searches. As for the example, try focusing on your keywords to get listed at the top of search results.

Add Cars, and related keywords into your Title, Thumbnail, Description, and Hashtags.

Genuine Content

Don’t steal audio, video, or images from any other sources. Try to be unique and create your media files rather than stealing, if youtube finds any copyrighted content on your channel, you might face some heavy issues and it may lead your channel to a permanent ban.

Using images of cars that are copyright-free and available for open use on the internet, you can steal images of any car from its owner without asking for permission. He/she can take action against you if you make him/her angry.

How to promote the channel for free?

After the creation of good content you’re good to go with the sharing process, but still what’s the best way to engage with a sufficient audience through your channels? Here are the top ideas we would recommend you to check.

Live Streaming

If you’re into the gaming or entertainment industry, you should be doing daily vlogs or keeping your fans updated with your routine lifestyle. This way you can engage with your audience and hear their thoughts to improve your content and know what they like to watch.

Collaboration with other creators

If you have enough popularity or you’re a member of a good community where people love to collaborate on mutual benefit then try to engage with more content creators. This way you can exchange the fan base of your friend with yours and you both get to benefit from this collaboration.

Build Social Profiles

Create your social profiles on all popular platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re available on that platform your fans can build good connections with you and help you in sharing your content on those platforms also.

Ideas to make your videos viral?

If you want to make your content viral instantly then these are some working tricks most YouTubers have tried. You should be sure about your words and don’t fake the promises or you’ll get hate for sure.

Run a Contest

You can run some interesting content on your channel and offer the winner to do a live video call session with him/her who wins the contest or add more participants for more chances. The more participant you have, the chances of getting more traffic is high. Because the content will be available all over to their feeds and their friends will get to know about your channel also.

Challenge & Giveaways

Put some rewards as the winning price, headphones, Amazon gift cards, or if you have a strong financial back then iPhones. This way the public would surely show their interest and participate in the challenges. Don’t play with the hopes of your viewers, if you promise them a reward, you should be distributing it to the real winner without any trick.

Free Shout-outs

Also, give free shout-outs to your biggest fans who follow you on all your platforms and like your videos. If you mention their names on your stories, other fans will surely try to get their names on your stories. If you have a strong fan base, you can do this featuring shoutout in exchange for some amount also.


So this was all about How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free, and some interesting ideas to make your content viral on the Internet. If it seems interesting to you then don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family to let them know these easy tricks.

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