20+ YouTube Channels to Learn How to Draw for Free

If you’re into sketch making or want to learn the draw art models from the scratch, here’s the list of top 20+ youtube channels to learn how to draw for free without paying a single penny to anyone. You can learn from basics to the professional level within a few months and trust us, these channels are doing pretty good in teaching because they have millions of subscribers and almost every comment holds positive feedback about the channel.

These channels are free, you don’t have to purchase any subscription or attend any paid classes. All the tutorial videos will be delivered to you through youtube and it’s openly available for everyone to watch anytime you want. Even you can store the videos into offline mode to watch when you’re out of internet connectivity or don’t want anybody to disturb you while practicing.

Maybe it’s enough guiding about what you can do with the channels and videos, it’s time to show you the list of all 20 channels you should try if you’re an enthusiast about learning how to draw and want to become an artist. So, keep your brushes and pencils close to you and start scrolling.

Baylee Jae

Baylee is popular for her daily vlog videos where she explains her routine lifestyle and works on creative projects related to art and gallery to show the public her skills. You can learn cartoon painting with perfect color combinations, making doodle arts of various subjects, and much more.

The Art Assignment

This channel has over 655k subscribers and it’s counted as the top watched channel for the art genre because along with the tutorial videos you’ll get to know many more interesting facts about drawing, modern art, and the ancient history of sculptures.

Marcello Barenghi

3D paintings are in the craze for a big-time and this youtube is the real gem in this field, you can learn to draw 3D art paintings with pencils or paints with only basic knowledge and a sense of matching colors. The videos are listed as high-level art, but you can still take some notes and learn from them.


Time to see a channel with over 5.5 million subscribers, yes that’s true. This channel has over 5.5 million fans and the content is uploaded weekly on a couple of fixed topics. You’ll find videos on speed painting, competition art, and using of best colors to decorate your paintings. This channel will guide you most about colors and combinations.


It’s about to cross the milestone of 300k subscribers, this channel shares most of the videos on British art gallery. You’ll see many historical arts from the 16th century or afterward, Tate has a targeted fan base but it’s widely popular for sharing videos about modern art and the evolution of art.

Emmy Kalia

Under the guidance of artists and designer you can learn much more than just sketches, the YouTuber inspires the public with the art and teach you the basics of drawing face art without losing the touch of simplicity. You can be perfect in making eyes, nose, lips, and other face parts within a few weeks if you keep regularity on this channel’s video.

The Viral Instructor

If you’re free and enthusiastic about learning art, ready to spend hours and weeks on practice then this channel with teaching you the best art designs. You can draw animals, living objects, or any subject of your desire with enough realistic touch just by practicing and following the instructions.

Mary Doodles

Who doesn’t love comics and doodle art? This channel is the most subscribed channel for tutorial videos of drawing doodles on the notebook. With over 400k subscribe Mary Doodles channel shares most of the videos about ink arts, or drawing doodle animals (preferably cats).


This is a growing channel and already crossed the fan base of 230k subscribers. Here on this channel, you’ll read about ancient art, the history behind the historical monuments, and drawings with solid facts. Apart from this, you can learn to make sketches with the proper guidance, videos are available in the playlist section under labels.

Lachri Fine Art

If you want to clear your doubt about choosing art as your full-time profession, then this channel could help you for sure. You’ll find a dozen or videos and interviews of experts about the career options. This YouTuber has experience of more than 16 years and counting, you can consider it as the best guide for consulting about your future in art.

Mark Crilley

With a base of 3 million subscribers, you can easily get an idea about the worth of this channel’s art. The topic you’ll find of these channels is conceivable, most videos are titled with the how-to tags and let you draw any subject from the scratch. It’s a good start if you’re new to this field and want to learn drawing.

The National Gallery

If you’re interested in history then this channel is going to be fun for you, most of the videos available on this channel are related to the history and facts behind the world’s greatest paintings and art gallery collection. You can watch full interviews of the experts about the review and details of the paintings.


Proko has 2.5 million subscribers on the channel, the topics are widely available on every form of art. You can find pencil arts, doodling videos, digital portraits, shading comics, and many more interesting topics. If you’re interested to make art as your full-time profession then we must suggest you follow this channel for amazing tips and career guides.

Creative Art

When words can’t express your thoughts, art takes the place. These channels have creative art designs and paintings which hold great stories and history of ancient livelihood. This youtube is Indian and most of the art is based on the history of Indian culture, so if you’re interested in this category blindly follow her for amazing tutorials.

Animal Art by LAW

If you’re an animal lover and want to learn sketches for your pets then this channel can help you with the best guide. You can easily learn drawing of all animal skins, their face reactions, fur, and motions just after spending a couple of weeks on learning. It’s an entertaining task to draw such creative arts.

Bobby Chiu

This channel is mostly about interviews of experts and professional artists who introduced us to some amazing paintings. You can also learn sketch making from this channel but we recommend you to go for daily vlogging videos and interview sessions to learn about art and get inspired by the given messages.

Stuart Davies

If you’re into landscape drawings or want to capture nature through your pencils, this youtube can guide you with the best instructions. Most of the videos on this channel are based on landscape views of different locations, including trees, mountains, greenery, clouds, and sunsets.


With 770k subscribers Sycra channel is growing rapidly into the field of drawing, most of the videos are based on digital applications, if you’re interested to draw art from your desktop or tablets then this channel has no other competition. You can learn painting on various applications including Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Andrew Tischler

We recommend these channels for learning motion paints, with the videos tutorials you can draw subjects and views with so much realistic touch that you’ll feel that it’s going to happen or happen just at the moment. One of the most professional brush holder artists on youtube.

Paint Basket

As the name itself explain the content, this is a basket of amazing tutorials and a masterpiece painted by the YouTuber itself. You’ll get live demo videos of most of the paintings, which can help you in improving your skills by learning some simple and basic tricks you should take care of, or avoid while sketching.

What’s the difference between Art and Craft channels?

They both are quite different from one another but you must have heard the names together the most time. An Art channel is filled with drawing, sketches, and painting videos where an artist himself tries to create a masterpiece with his/her hands.

Whereas, A Craft channel is something where the creation of new utility gadgets or life hacks are created. Mostly DIY videos will help you in creating new substances from your old recycled products which have no use left as their first position.

Art Channel Example: Painting of a human.

Craft Channel Example: Creating a table lamp from an old plastic bottle.


So this was all about YouTube Channels to Learn How to Draw for Free, if you know any other artists who seem perfect for this list then drop the channel link into the comment box. We will surely look after it and update the post soon.

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